Xantrex Prowatt 600W (12V) MSW Inverter- Triple AC outlet - Hardwire

Xantrex Prowatt

600W (12V)

MSW Inverter

$130.00 Cdn.

Xantrex Prowatt 1000W MSW (12V) Inverter - Dual GFCI receptacles

Xantrex Prowatt 1000W (12V)MSW  Inverter

$300.00 Cdn.

Xantrex Prosine 1000W Sinewave Inverter, 12V, GFCI Outlets

Xantrex Prosine 1000W (12V)

SW Inverter

$880.00 Cdn.

Xantrex DR1512 (12V) or DR1524 (24V) - 1500W MSW Inverter, 70Amp Charge (12V), 35Amp Charge (24V)

Xantrex DR

1500W (12/24V)

MSW Inverter/Chg

$950.00 Cdn.

Magnum 2000W Sine Wave Inverter, 100A Charger, 12 volt

Magnum MS2012

2000W (12V)

SW Inverter/Chg

 $1,500.00 Cdn.

Xantrex Prosine 2.0 - 2000W SW Inverter, 12V, 100A Charger, GFCI Outlets, LCD Remote

Xantrex Prosine

2000W (12V)

SW Inverter/Chg

$1,700.00 Cdn.

Xantrex SW+2524 - 2500W Sinewave Inverter, 24V, 70A Charger

Xantrex SW+2524

2500W (24V)

SW Inverter/Chg

$2,430.00 Cdn.

Fronius IG-3000 - 2.7KW PV Direct Grid Tie Inverter

Fronius IG-3000

2700W Grid-Tie


$3,000.00 Cdn.

Xantrex 3KW Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Xantrex GT 3.0

3KW Grid Tie

Solar Inverter

$2,600.00 Cdn.

OutBack Off-Grid 3500W Sinewave Inverter - 24V, 120VAC, 60Hz, 85A Charger - Vented Model/Bug Proof

Outback GVFX



$2,450.00 Cdn.

Xantrex SW4024 - 4000W Sinewave Inverter, 24V, 120A Charger

Xantrex SW4024

4000W (24V)

SW Inverter/Chg

$3,360.00 Cdn.

Xantrex SW5548 - 5500W Sinewave Inverter, 48V, 120A Charger

Xantrex SW5548

5500W (48V)

SW Inverter/Chg

$3,450.00 Cdn.


Power Panels (partial list)

Call for custom pricing

Outback E-Panel w/GVFX 3.6KW, 48V inverter, remote, bypass & AC/DC Disconnects

Outback E-Panel 3600W


$3,850.00 Cdn.

Magnum E-Panel w/MS4024 4000W inverter, remote, bypass & AC/DC Disconnects

Magnum E-Panel 4000W


$3,150.00 Cdn.


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