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Estimating Power Load
In order to design your alternative energy system, we need to determine your estimated electrical needs. Please fill out the worksheet below. First enter in the quantity.  For example, normally you would have one boiler, so you would enter a quantity of 1.  However, you probably have a number of different light bulbs, so enter their quantity.  Next, enter the number of minutes the appliance/equipment will be used per day.  Then enter in the amount of watts each appliance/equipment uses per hour (usually listed on the manufacturer's label).  If an appliance is rated in amps, just multiply the amps by the operating voltage (120 or 240) to find watts. The default wattage listed for the equipment (some browsers may not show) are only an example.  Make sure you change this value to match your specific equipment's wattage. 

When planning to purchase appliances and equipment, it is best to choose items with the best energy rating.  You can compare Energy Star compliant ratings by going to the Energy Star web site. There you will find ratings on many different brands of equipment. Natural Resources Canada also has a website dedicated to helping consumers make wise, energy conscious decisions. Stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, and water heaters should always be either propane or gas. Dual fuel appliances are not recommended.

The size and cost of any renewable energy system will depends on a number of factors: u The amount of power required (in watts).  v The amount of time the power is required (in minutes/hours). w The amount of sun hours available at your location.  x The amount of wind available at your location.

Appliance/Equipment Qty. Usage (Min./Day) Watts/Hour Total Daily Watts

Coffee Pot (10 cup)

Coffee Pot (4 cup)

Coffee Maker

Toaster 800-1500

Popcorn Popper


Waffle Iron

KitchenAid Mixer

Frying Pan

Bread Maker

Sink Waste Disposal

Microwave 600-1500

Washing Machine

Clothes Dryer - Electric

Clothes Dryer - Gas Heated

Dishwasher 1200-1500

Vacuum Cleaner


Sewing Machine

Electric Fireplace

Garage Door Opener

Table Fan 10-250

Ceiling Fan 10-50

Furnace Blower 300-1000

Blow Dryer


Satellite Dish

Television - 24" Color

Large Screen TV

Home Theatre Equip. (Speakers, etc.)

VCR/DVD Player

Stereo 10-300

CD Player

Game Station

Clock Radio

Electric Clock

CRT Screen

Fax Machine


LCD Screen

Computer - Laptop

Computer - PC

Printer - Inkjet

Printer - Laser

Printer - Dot Matrix


Lights - 100w Incandescent

Lights - 25w Compact Fluorescent

Lights - 50w DC Incandescent

Lights - 40w DC Halogen

Lights - 20w Compact Fluorescent

Lights - Compact Fluor./40w Equiv.

Lights - Compact Fluor./60w Equiv.

Lights - Compact Fluor./75w Equiv.

Lights - Compact Fluor. / 100w Equiv.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner - Central 2000-5000


Refrigerator/Freezer - 20cf (15hrs/day)


Freezer 14cf (15 hrs/day)

Water Pump DC 200-500

Water Pump-1/2HP Deep Well

Water Softener

Car Battery Charger

Air Compressor - 1HP

Shop Vac

Hedge Trimmer

1/4" Drill

1/2" Drill

1" Drill

7 1/4" Circular Saw

8 1/4" Circular Saw

9" Disc Sander

3" Belt Sander 625-1000

12" Chain Saw 1100-2400

14" Band Saw









Average Watts Used Per Day

Total Watts Used Per Week


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