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Solar Module Pricing

(partial list)

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Max Current 5.02Amps; Max Power 85Watts; Max Volts 17.4V; 38.4"L; 25.7"W

Kyocera KC-85

85W (12V)

$613.00 Cdn.

Max Current 7.7Amps; Max Power 140Watts; Max Volts 22.1V; 58.34"L; 26.6"W

Suntech STP140

140W (12V)

$823.00 Cdn.

Max Current 4.9Amps; Max Power 175Watts; Max Volts 44.4V; 63.9"L; 32"W

SolarWorld SW-175

175W (24V)

$904.00 Cdn.

Max Current 4.97Amps; Max Power 220Watts; Max Volts 44.3V; 57.3"L; 41.3"W

Webel Solar W2100

210W (24V)

$828.00 Cdn.




Panel Mounts (partial list)

Call for custom pricing

1 Mod. Roof Mnt. $100.00-$160.00   1 Mod. Ground Mnt. $100.00-160.00
2 Mod. Roof Mnt. $230.00-$360.00   2 Mod. Ground Mnt. $170.00-$360.00
3 Mod. Roof Mnt. $295.00-$475.00   3 Mod. Ground Mnt. $430.00-$475.00
4 Mod. Roof Mnt. $260.00-$395.00   6 Mod. Ground Mnt. $550.00-$570.00
5 Mod. Roof Mnt. $460.00-$560.00   8 Mod. Ground Mnt. $700.00-$825.00
6 Mod. Roof Mnt. $360.00-$600.00   10 Mod. Ground Mnt. $945.00-$1180.00
8 Mod. Vert. Roof Mnt. $430.00-$830.00   1-4 Mod. Pole Mnt. $400.00-$1000.00
10 Mod. Vert. Roof Mnt. $530.00-$1180.00   6-12 Mod. Pole Mnt. $940.00-1600.00

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